Dark, Romantic, Nostalgic – Reinvented


Blackbird Orchestra is a Seattle based Alternative Rock band formed in 2006.

Driven by guitar, Blackbird Orchestra has been refereed to as “The illegitimate step-child of U2” but don’t let that fool you. The Bands rich pageant of lush guitars, melodic bass and captivating rhythms combine into a unique sound and can be best summed up as “sensitive-yet-cynical romanticism”.

Musical styles like Dark Rock, Shoegazing and even a little New Wave are hints that can be found in the music but yet fail to describe the bands elaborate musical ornamentation and song writing.

Blackbird Orchestra rounds out its ranks with lead vocalist and lyricist, Frank Fuller; bassist Daniel McManus; guitarist Tommy Atwell; and drummer Hurricane Kelly.

In November 2009, Blackbird Orchestra released their debut album “Fables and Fields Green” that can be found on Itunes, CDBaby and Amazon.